Happy to be Alive.

March 2 2017

You’ve read Beauty from Ashes, and are now following my blog (start with this post and scroll upward, a lot happened in a very short time.)

Kyle: He continues to surprise us with improvements each day.  He went to the mall for a haircut with Sarah and Ariane today, and came home a handsome young man. He’s a little scruffy, since we’ve been sick and not physically strong enough to stand in a steaming hot bathroom, and shave him for ten minutes. We usually accomplish this task while he’s in the shower, this was always the easiest way to tackle shaving day, with the least amount of anxiety.


Jon works with Kyle 2-4 times a week from 3:30 -6:30. When he brought Kyle home, he came in the door calm and smiling with Jon following a foot or two behind him. In the past he has come bursting in the door, running, no coat, panic stricken, with Jon holding unto his belt to keep him from bolting. Then he’d madly run up the stairs, run in his room, and either obsessively flush the toilet, or bang his walls for 30 minutes. He mentions Kyle had a great day, before he goes out the door. He has supported Kyle through some of his worst spells over the past two years, we are grateful for his help and hope to never take him for granted.

Kyle came in the kitchen and calmly watched Vance get his supper ready and resisted the temptation to grab something. He went to bed early tonight, and as far as we know he slept all night.

Mold and SIBO: Vance and I were very ill after the last day of the book. I don’t think either of us has felt that ill in our entire life! Our kids thought we were going to be hospitalized, and started trying to figure out how they were going to take care of Kyle. I was up to seven different drugs in one month, I am not a drug person and I avoid them, unless desperate and don’t even take pain killers. They also put me on ciprofloxacin for another UTI. I came home and looked the drug up, it’s also used for SIBO, and only costs $30.00. It just has more serious side effects then rifaxamine, and isn’t as gentle on the tummy. I’m hoping this is a bitter-sweet blessing, and will give another bang to the nasty SIBO. I am concerned that if this UTI is mold induced, that another drug won’t kill it, but we will wait and see.


I was attempting WOD #1. Photo by : Andreane Fraser

CrossFit Open: I am out of the yearly CrossFit competition on a competitive level, we call it the Open. The pharmacist said Cipro can cause tendon tears, and I am not to exercise while on it. So, this week I will do one rep and just stay in the comp, but will be too far behind to catch up in the following three weeks. Vance will also do one rep again this week, then we will compete for fun for the last three weeks, hopefully.

Kids: Our daughter Charity is working on a degree in holistic nutrition right now, and is condensing a two year course into one. Since she’s studying through an online course, she is flexible with her time and was able to drive us around town for a couple of days, as we were back and forth to doctors appointments and pharmacies and were too ill to drive.

Aryanna still lives at home, thank goodness! So many times she had to help me with my book. I didn’t even know how to attach it to an email and send it to Kay, my editor. I would have been lost without her. Charity also help me set up my blog, since she had already started her own blog on health and nutrition (www.eatreal4life.com ) she knew how to help her techno-challenged mama. Jazmin designed the text on the header we used on my Facebook page. You’d think this is simple, but it’s not! I had tried for five hours unsuccessfully, then she came to my rescue. Thanks girls!

Believing and hoping.

Cindy Seaton

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I am the author of Beauty From Ashes: A Mother's Journey from Bitterness to Hope.