Leaving Home

IMG_3886Mold: Today I am made an executive decision…. with a strong constitution I told my family we were all moving out, and that was that! Everyone in our house has become sick within a week. They are all being billeted out today. Aryanna and Eythan are staying at Charity and Dan’s apartment.  I called CLA to see if they can watch Kyle for a week or two while we take care of this mold situation. Today is Saturday, they will get back to me Monday. Vance and I will stay here with Kyle till then. I really don’t know what else to do, at this point.

Looking ten years older very dehydrated and sick.

Devyn put on the hazardous waste mask and goggles, and went up and retrieved Kyle from his bathroom, and showered him in the kids bathroom instead a few morning ago when we were too sick to care for him. Devyn woke up the next morning ill, he had picked up a stomach flu bug. He was knocked out for the past 20 hrs, pale and fevered. Aryanna is starting to get sick like us and lay on the couch all day yesterday fevered. Eythan and Charity both have tightness in their chests. Charity was here quite a bit this week.

Because there are so many colds going around we thought there was a possibility we could be wrong about all this, and we just have colds.  But we have allergy symptoms with it, so whether we have two things at once, we are not sure. My ears are full of fluid today and I have a constant drip in my nose. I had cold sweats all night last night. Yesterday I was the only one with enough energy to do housework or care for Kyle. Today I feel like a zombie, in a slow motion movie, with a fever and wet cough.

Vance was given two different fungal creams this year, for two different fungus on his body. Slightly pink and slightly raised pink spots all over his back. Also a weird rash he had on his knee for a year, which ended up being fungal. He was also given a puffer because he started having difficulty breathing when exercising or climbing stairs. Weird things.

As I was googling mold symptoms, I came across a discussion on people who ended up with mold illness and how they started getting tooth pain, then started losing their teeth. They had cavity after cavity….like me. Their teeth were rotting at the gum line, which has flabbergasted my dentist, because that’s what mine have been doing for the past four years. I’m not going crazy….this is nuts. But I have an uncanny peace in my heart.

The weirdest thing in all of this, we are all getting sicker and Kyle is getting better…even though he lives in the moldiest room in the house. Today his speech was incredible, it was like I wanted to reach out and grab normalcy, it was right there at my finger tips, I could almost touch it. The door to his mind will creep open and everything seem like it’s working perfectly, then the door closes again. Like a screen door on your grandmother’s front porch, you can hear the wind creaking it open then slamming it shut. My heart flutters when it creeps open.

I feel a strong pulling ……God asking me to trust Him in all this…that he is in full control.

Believing and hoping

Cindy Seaton

Author: cindyseaton69

I am the author of Beauty From Ashes: A Mother's Journey from Bitterness to Hope.