Cookie Monster Syndrome

Vance had a few meetings this morning and I assured him I could look after Kyle in the apartment. His aide had to cancel today due to a family crisis. I could tell he felt bad about leaving me here alone with Kyle, but I was feeling on top of the world and optimistic. Vance left around 9 am and Kyle went to lie down in his bed.

My new kitchen.

Domesticating: I puttered around our apartment. I’m guessing it’s around 600 sq ft. I like small spaces, as long as they have a place for everything. I organize our little apartment for an hour before Charity and Aryanna come visit me. I’m delighted to see the girls and they bring me a coffee. We sit and chat for a half hour or so, then I make some lunch. Charity isn’t hungry since she still has sinus issues and is feeling sick. Aryanna is energetic and feeling healthy now. She went to work today, but was sent home since she works with the elderly, and hadn’t been 48 hrs symptom free yet. Kyle wakes up at 11:30 and is looking quite refreshed and wants to eat. The girls head home to check on Dan who is just getting over stomach flu.

Kyle is bored and I pretty much spend the next two hours feeding him non stop. He can see the gluten free cookies in the kitchen that I thought I hid and keeps asking for more. Sometimes I tease him that he’s like “Cookie Monster” and I’m pretty sure this must be a syndrome doctors diagnose. Vance comes in around 1:00 and has some lunch. He’s not feeling well and is disappointed he missed the girls visit. He had to run back to the house to get a few things today. He’s done his antibiotic for the sinus infection and I’m worried it’s coming back. He still hasn’t been out of the house for 24 hrs yet. I have to go back to the laundry mat and do all Vance’s clothes today and grab some groceries too. I also stop and get an air mattress for myself to sleep on.

While at the grocery store, the clinic calls. They got back my urine sample and I need to come back so they can change up my prescription. Jon picks up Kyle at 3:30 and Vance and I head to the clinic for 5:00. They tell me enterococcus showed up in my urine and I need to take Microbid. I have one more day of the Cipro left. The doctor tells me to finish it, then wait 48 hrs and if the symptoms aren’t gone, to start the Microbid. I don’t want to take a fourth antibiotic. This is getting a little crazy.

All my drugs. Now another one, Microbid is added in, if needed.

Kyle: He comes home around 6:30 pm and listens to music in his room for a while, and lays in his bed till 8:oo pm when I give him his seizure meds.  Vance is starting to feel worse, he feels warm and is slightly red, but his temp is normal… which is weird. He goes to bed by 8:00 pm. Kyle settles down shortly after that, and I watch TV for half an hour, and realize it’s the first time in a month I can see the TV … somewhat. I am thrilled about this! I head to bed at 8:30 pm.

Around 9:00 pm Kyle wakes up screaming, I’m asleep and he startles me! He comes out to the living room and hops on the couch, and I tell him he’s not sleeping in the living room, that he’s sleeping in his bed. He’s mad at me and threatens to throw a flashlight, so I give him a stern talk and he goes back to bed, but he wakes a few times in the night. For us, this was a fairly good night, considering our unique circumstances.

Today went better than I thought it would, and I really like me new small space. We have a warm home to stay in, food on our table, and lots of love in our family. God had taken care of all our needs today.

Matthew 6:34 NKJV

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Believing and hoping.

Cindy Seaton

Author: cindyseaton69

I am the author of Beauty From Ashes: A Mother's Journey from Bitterness to Hope.