Bed Bugs…..Oh My!

Bed Bugs: I woke this morning at 3:30 am, my phone had chimed.  Charity sent me a message. She’d been breaking out the past month in weird red spots that would swell, and was worried they were bed begs. Then she thought they might be hives. She even broke out in some big ones on her forehead. I tried not to laugh when I saw them. She’d say they were hives and I’d joke they were bed bugs and she’d be say…..”MOM! Don’t say that!”

Bed bug bite on her arm.

Their apartment building had been fumigated a few months ago, since someone in the building was infested with them, and had to throw out everything. At the time Dan and Charity had none and just needed their apartment fumigated, just in case.

Try and guess what I’m about to tell you….yes they are moving. They are moving out for the weekend, and will return in four days when it’s been fumigated. So our kids are on the move again, after being settled for less than a week….Aryanna and Eythan will be heading to Grandma’s house, or one might possibly squeeze in with us. I’m on an air mattress in the living room, so one of them can have the couch.


A joyful moment with Kyle.

Family Dinner: Last night the kids came for dinner and it’s the first time we’ve all been together this week. Nothing, and I mean nothing, brings Vance and I more joy than being with our children. You could give me trillions of dollars, and if you told me I couldn’t see my kids again, in exchange for the money, I’d kick you out the doorWe had a wonderful time together, catching up with them, and enjoyed having Kyle join in on our family time. It was a joyous night, especially for Vance and I.

Caught Dan with a mouthful.

Psalms 127:3 NKJV    Behold, children are a heritage  from Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.

CrossFit: We watched the release of the third weekly CrossFit workout together. This week it is squat snatches, and chest to bar pullups. I was too tired to watch the two athletes who demonstrated the workout, and fell asleep in the lazy boy. Devyn barely made it through this weeks WOD since he had just gotten over stomach flu. He lie on the floor for a good half hour after, pale as a ghost, and mumbling something incoherent every once in a while.


Devyn toughing it out.

SIBO: Today I start my fifth antibiotic in a month. The microbid lasted twenty four hours, then I had a weird neurological effect of numbness and tingling in my right hand, which is a serious side effect that can be permanent. So, the flavor of the antibiotic today is amoxicillin. If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure if there are any more choices. On a happy note the antibiotics are helping clear the SIBO. It’s not 100 % gone but I can tell there is a big improvement. I don’t think there could possibly be a live organism in my body after all those drugs. It took 36 hrs for the numbness to go away, so it’s not permanent.

Mold: Vance met the mold inspector at our house yesterday. He thought we would be able to keep all our furniture. He commented that our house is very dusty and mold spores like to grow on dust. Well good luck with that! Do you know how much dust is produced by six people in a large house with central air. It’s almost impossible to stay on top of. This is by far the dustiest house we have ever lived in.

He commented that the moisture level in our home was 35% and most homes are kept around 50%. Vance had turned the humidity down, so the mold would have less chance of growing, which the inspector said was good. The air was so dry, that at night my tongue would literally be stuck to the roof of my mouth, and when I woke up, and tried to pull my tongue down, I could hear Velcro ripping….true story. In this new apartment, I don’t have that problem.

He couldn’t see  much mold  in the house. Most of it will be under Kyle’s vinyl flooring and behind his walls. He was a bit concerned about the mold on the ceiling in Kyle’s bathroom, and said we could keep wiping that down, but the invisible spores are always there, so we need to remove that ceiling.

All the surface samples and air trap samples will be back in ten days. We have six more days here, then we are on the move again…..

Believing and hoping.

Cindy Seaton

Author: cindyseaton69

I am the author of Beauty From Ashes: A Mother's Journey from Bitterness to Hope.