Sleeping With One Eye Open

  • This post is longer than most, since I attached a book recommendation to I’m No Angel: From Victoria Secret Model to Role Model at the bottom. Excellent, easy read.


Last night was a wild one, it started early, with Kyle screaming out every half hour. Then it just went on and on. He kept coming out of his room, and going in and out of the bathroom, flicking light switches on and off, then going in his room and banging around in there. He came out and pressed a bunch of buttons on the wall and set off the carbon monoxide detector, which is extremely loud I might add. All this, by 3:30 am.

It kept on going, then finally he slept from 5 :15 -6:00 am. I rolled out of bed at 6 am and went to check on him. He had his mattress off the bed, no clothes on, and had jacked the thermostat up to max: the room was a sauna! Kyle is home all day today…. with no aid. Vance has meetings and I’m dreading my day, it may feel a tad bit long if Kyle is rambunctious and on the move. We are going to need God, and I’m counting on him to come through for me.

Kyle was mischievous yesterday. He gave Ariane a run for her money in the morning. He had finally figured out his end table wasn’t a music machine, and found the portable speaker and threw it. It’s broken now, no music today. He also found a bottle of laundry detergent and threw that and broke it also. Ariane had to clean it all up herself, while we were in church singing praises to God. Ariane has the patience of a saint and never complains about Kyle’s behaviours.

Hopefully Kyle will be feeling better today. I’m pretty sure it’s just the full moon shenanigans, and they should wear off today.

Open week # 3. L-R  Devyn (23) Eythan (almost 20) Aryanna (21) Charity (25)


We went to the gym after church to watch the kids do their competition WOD this week. They all signed up to be in the same heat and it was fun to watch all our kids go head-to-head in fun competition. The boys had already competed on Friday, but thought they would give it a second shot. Aryanna ripped her skin on her hands doing chest to bar pull-ups and had to quit earlier than she had hoped. Charity was still sick but was able to finish the WOD, she had hoped to get further into it, but her breathing was labored due to being ill.

Our adorable cheerleaders, Jazmin and Olivia.

Kids: After the WOD, Dan and Charity went and packed up their apartment and headed to Dan’s parents to live, while they look for a new apartment, and wait for theirs to be fumigated. They’ve had a rough week with stomach flu, respiratory problems, bed bug bites….now moving. I’m sure we will laugh about all this one day ….

Eythan and Jazmin headed to Sudbury. They had dinner with us the night before. I love spending time with Jazmin, she’s so sweet and easy to be around. Of course, I love spending time with Eythan too, and am happy he’s gifting his mother with a wonderful bonus-daughter . She found an apartment and they are hoping to rent it. Eythan will hopefully move in May 1 st, with Jazmin joining him after they are married in August. He might possibly start his new job in Sudbury the first week of May, as he was hired at a kettle bell gym. The apartment they found is only five min from work or university, and I am really excited for them!

We went home to the apartment and relaxed the rest of the afternoon. Kyle came home at 5 pm and looked happy. We ordered gluten free pizza and Vance and Devyn sat on the couch with a blanket over their laps hiding it. Kyle being smart, came into the living room and saw something square on both their laps, pointed and said, “Have pizza?”. Then  he grinned and giggled. Both Vance and Devyn chuckled, and eventually Kyle went back to his room to hang out but kept coming back out for more food.

I’m super strict about Kyle’s diet, and won’t give him anything from a restaurant. If he get the smallest gluten contamination, he loses weight fast and spends three days at home in the bathroom. I love him too much to do such a thing to him. Ordering the pizza was my idea. I was feeling lazy and three weeks of 99.5 temp will do that to you. Kyle had chicken and rice while the men hid their pizza in the living room and watched golf.

Book recommendation:

I read an amazing book, while the men watched golf, and would like to recommend it to teenage girls and women.

Link to book on Amazon: I’m No Angel

I read this book in about four hours yesterday. Kylie was in the modelling world and worked her way to the top, becoming a Victoria Secret model. She’s now a speaker who travels and promotes where true beauty comes from… the heart. This book really gives a candid look into the modelling industry and all it’s trappings. It will shock you.

I remember when my girls were small and people would comment that I should put them in modelling. I had some sort of inkling back then that modelling could have negative effects on my girls but really didn’t know much about the modelling industry.

A father commented once that I should curl the girl’s hair for special occasions. My girls were about 9 and 5 at the time. I told him if I curled their hair to make them look “prettier” then I’m sending them the message their straight hair wasn’t good enough. If they chose on their own when they were older to curl their hair or do makeup etc. that was their choice. I thought they were beautiful…. just as they were.

Last week I watched one of the most beautiful twelve year old girls sing a song on Steve Harvey’s show. She had long blonde hair and long eye lashes, big blue eyes and dimples in her cheeks. I thought to myself: This industry is going to take her, rip her apart, and turn her into something she never was in the first place! My heart wanted to kidnap her and protect her from the cruelty of Hollywood.

We should seek to build a meaningful life for our children. Money and fame are not what they appear to be. Does the odd kid survive Hollywood without it completely tearing them apart? Yes! Possibly one in a million! I know siblings Kirk and Candace Cameron did well surviving Hollywood, so it is possible. Is that a chance your willing to take?  It’s price was  too high for me. My kid’s were one of my most precious treasures and I wasn’t willing to find out if they’d survive….. that’s my “mom”rant for today.

Matthew 6:19-20 NKJV

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.

Believing and hoping.

Cindy Seaton

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