Athlete or Hero???

Almost Normal Again

Yesterday was a fantastic day! As you can see in the photo I’m looking a little more like myself. Still a bit dehydrated, but getting there. I had no fever for 24 whole hours …. happy dance!!! Right now, as of this very moment. we are all healthy. So I’m going to hold my breath.

Devyn on the other hand … look at that morning hair!

Shark Boy.

When Devyn was in high school he got tired of a boy who continually bullyied Aryanna verbally.  One day he went and found the boy and told him if he didn’t stop, he was going to have to deal with Devyn. The boy immediately stopped bullying Aryanna and started calling Devyn “Shark Boy” instead, due to his spiked hair. Years later Devyn no longer spikes his hair. When he woke up yesterday morning I had a good laugh, as it brought back “Shark Boy” memories. I was so proud of Devyn that day for defending his sister!

Heroes: I was going to head back and pack up the apartment yesterday, but I thought I better stop in on my mom and see how she was doing. She had fallen on ice yesterday and cut her knee. She was listening to the radio and resting her knee when I went in. The cut look nasty and it looked like she could have used some stitches. Amazingly, it had sealed up quite well over night. She had hurt the opposite knee a year ago and went through severe pain for quite some time.

We sat and chatted about life and our love for God. We talked about how the world often times thinks people with paying jobs are heroes or see athletes as heroes. Mom had always taught us heroes were people who risked their lives for others or gave up something for someone else, with nothing in it for them. Often children want to be professional athletes, due to our world occasionally labels them as heroes and paying them millions of dollars….hey, I’ll volunteer! You can pay me million of dollars a year to train for a sport. There’s a line up around this globe of people willing to do that. Unfortunately you won’t find a lot of people who want to volunteer with the elderly. As far as I know there are no rewards or trophies for that.

Athlete’s can be someone we look up to or admire for their hard work, but to see them as our hero…. maybe we need to look a little harder.

As we sat there mom said, “You want to see real heroes? Come to the nursing homes. You will see husbands who come day after day and take care of their wives with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Their wives no longer recognize them, but they keep coming to care for them anyways.”

Mom has a soft heart for the elderly. She volunteered over the last few years to feed them, and also visits ladies in the homes who may be lonely. She was hired a year ago to feed a woman’s mother twice a week, and the daughter feeds her the other five days. Which is interesting, because Mom was already doing that for free … God is good!

After we chatted, she went in the kitchen and finished up the meal she was making for the senior citizen group that meets at our church. She was whipping up a meat loaf, pasta, coleslaw and a desert, we worked together in the kitchen as we visited.

Sarah, Mom and I celebrating our birthdays.

I have been blessed with a mother who understands the meaningful moments we can have in life, by taking care of others. For her to leave this behind for me instead of a monetary inheritance … priceless

I also think of another hero in our life, Vance’s Mom. This week she is taking in three of our children and giving them room and board. There’s really nothing in it for her, other than the joy of taking care of her family. She gave up normal life for nine months to take care of her husband Barry when he was dying of bone cancer. Marsha stayed by his side, sleeping in his hospital room every night. Her commitment to her marriage was not taken lightly.

Barry and Marsha.

It’s not Mother’s Day but why wait to honor them. Our moms are precious and are glorifying God in their heroic work. Neither of them would probably want this praise publicly, but I will accept the consequences 🙂

Home Again: I went back and packed up most of the apartment and headed back to the big, blue house. Vance was there at the kitchen table when I came home and the house looked immaculate. When we left we had been sick for almost a week. I barely remember it now, but I knew the house was left is disarray. Vance had swept and vacuumed the whole main floor and tidied up the kitchen. What a man! Men, that’s how you can sweep your wife off her feet. Actions speak louder than words.

Kyle seemed to have calmed down, and was happy and docile. His eyes get this wild look in them when his body is adjusting to his medicine being given at a different time, due to the time change.   He slept well last night and he slept in his bed instead of on the back of his toilet shelf.

Charity and I met Vance for breakfast yesterday after we looked at the apartment she and Dan might rent. We talked about this crazy two weeks we had and how each one of us had grown closer to God during this chaos. We all agreed we could hear God asking us to trust him. I have to say this was one of the best two weeks of my life and I will never forget it. We learned how much God loves us, through the people he sent to pray for us, house us and encourage us. Never once did he let us down, but carried us through the darkness. I wondered if he’d reduce us to cardboard box living and if that’s where he thought we might need to be next. This morning I’m in the big, blue house … I left in fear of mold, and came back in faith that God is bigger than our  current situation, and my trust must be in him alone.

Psalms 23:26 NKJV

My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Believing and hoping.

Cindy Seaton

Author: cindyseaton69

I am the author of Beauty From Ashes: A Mother's Journey from Bitterness to Hope.