Proof, I’m not Crazy!

Mold: Honestly, if we hadn’t found mold, I was worried I was going to look like a complete idiot! I had woken my whole family up one morning and told them to run for the hills!

Dean taking the mold away.

Thankfully, Dean actually found the mold …. a lot of mold! Sure enough, yesterday when he started ripping apart Kyle’s bathroom there was pretty much soggy wood and mold under every covered surface.

Dean and Sue manage her parents motel and live beside it in an adorable bungalow. They have renovated and decorated their home like something you’d see in a Martha Stewart magazine. He wanted to help us out and agreed to do the work for next to nothing, in between managing the hotel with Sue.

If you want a comfy life don’t volunteer to help people out. I can not even begin to tell you all the stuff that started going wrong over at their place when he started over at our place, it was getting ridiculous! The Devil discourages good deeds but God rewards them! Amazingly, he’s not allergic to mold or he wouldn’t have been able to do this job. We are so thankful for his compassion towards Kyle and our situation, and for his servant heart. I hope God blesses Dean and Sue beyond their wildest dreams!

Kyle: He has had a fun couple of days bombing around Lake Superior with Heather, since our weather has been beautiful! They’ve been checking out all the ice and snow collecting along the shore line. Below is them on one of their adventures. I see Kyle had taken his shirt off, which he usually ditches as quick as he can. Heather is an avid outdoors woman and told Kyle she wants to take him hiking in the summer. He is quite excited about going hiking because he is a big outdoors kind of guy .

Kyle and Heather on an Adventure.

Look at those eyes in the photo. He is engaged in what is going on and very focused. His eye contact is improving daily. The eyes really are the window into one’s soul, especially when it comes to Kyle. His eyes tell it all. I love this photo because he looks so relaxed and happy. Plus Heather looks like a movie star!

Last night we moved him out of his room and into Devyn’s room. It took an hour and a half to empty Devyn’s room and the bathroom. Absolutely everything, not even a speck of paper could be left behind, or Kyle will find it. When Kyle came home and we told him we moved him into a different room, while Dean repairs his room, he was 100% okay with that. It is not typical for a person with autism to be able to adjust to a drastic change, but he handled it like a pro and he was fabulous this evening!

CrossFit: Two days ago Vance and I decided we were feeling well enough to get back to the gym. The two of us went off happily to do our first WOD in three weeks for me and two months for Vance. It was a five-round WOD. We were suppose to do twelve over-the-bar burpees and twelve push press at 75 lbs for me, and 95 lbs for Vance. Well…. two rounds later, we were sitting down, looking like a train wreck. We couldn’t even finish the WOD. Our coach Tyler just shook his head and laughed at us.

Coach Eythan

Kids: Eythan was assisting with coaching today and he has fantastic leadership skills, especially for a young man of almost twenty. I am proud of Eythan! He is choosing to settle down and devote himself to the young woman he loves, while he attends university and works.  It won’t be easy but we have learned this is where you grow: when life isn’t easy.

He landed a job at a kettle bell gym and will have flexible hours. He and Jazmin will both be studying to be teachers at University.

I am completely content to be home and trusting God to take care of us, even though mold is being removed. It’s hard to seal everything off completely, spores will escape, it’s inevitable. God is greater than mold spores, and when we put our faith in his abilities, a powerful force is released called the miraculous! We are stuck here, with faith in an amazing God, who can take good care of us. All he asks ….is for us to trust him!

Psalm 18:30 NKJV

As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.

Believing and hoping:

Cindy Seaton

Author: cindyseaton69

I am the author of Beauty From Ashes: A Mother's Journey from Bitterness to Hope.