Whirlwind of Wonder.

It’s been a crazy few months since I last wrote an update on my blog.  During that time :


* Beauty from Ashes was released on Amazon and also in a local store, Scripture Gift and Book Store, on Queen St.

*We had two different TV companies come into our home and film: CTV and Shaw TV. I also did an interview with CLA,  which will be posted on www.saultonline.com in the coming weeks.

*Chris Cooper helped me make educational videos on living with a grown child with autism and we will be releasing those on Youtube and on this blog soon.

*I spoke at three events in our city including  CLA’s annual business meeting and the Public Libraries Boomer and Beyond day.

*We planned a book release night, hosting 230 people,  which we had on June 22nd at Quattro Hotel and Conference Center ( a separate post is coming on this event).

*Charity and I painted our cupboards and kitchen in preparation for a photo shoot she was having for her new nutrition business eatreal4life.

Photo shoot for Charity’s website

My feet have been running nonstop for the past two months, and it feels like we were caught in one of the biggest whirlwinds of our lives, and I stand back in wonder thinking; What just happened? Or as Vance put it, “I will be happy to have my wife back!” I was scared out of my mind at first, thinking all of this was beyond my capabilities, which it was! But I have learned when God has a task for me: I must step forward in faith, instead of pulling back in fear. He will bring me everything I need to have my feet running and moving towards the end goal and landing on the platform he puts out for me that day.

Dave Carlascio is the owner of Awake films and also works for Shaw TV.  He made this fantastic author video for me, which you can also see my son Kyle in. If you need any media done, he’s the man for the job. Check out the beautiful work he did with my author video:

Next up is now finding a publisher for my book. I am self-published and am sitting on Amazon, lost in a million books. If you read my book and enjoyed it, please go to Amazon and leave me a review. It will help people who have no clue who I am, take a chance on my book if they happen to stumble across it and see it has lots of good reviews.

Leave review here for Beauty from Ashes.



Charity, Sue and I  are now planning a fundraiser for our future daughter-in-law Jazmin for July 25th, since she is going to Arizona for stage four lung cancer treatment and will have testing done from July 10-20. Testing is out of the country and not covered by OHIP. God is stretching each and everyone one of our family members and Jazmin’s family as well, as we are on a new journey in hopes of her being cured of cancer through alternative treatments. He is moving quickly and strongly through Jazmin’s life, and we stand back in awe of how fast God can put the impossible in place. Eythan and Jazmin will be married on August 19th, 2017. They are excited and counting the days down! Eythan took possession of their apartment last week, and it is adorable, bright and cozy. We love how our kids live with hope and never lose sight that God is in control of their lives as they move forward with their plans to marry and live life to the fullest!

We met Jazmin’s family last month for the first time and feel we have made lifelong friends in Aaron and Sherie, Jazmin’s parents, and also her sister Vangie. What a lovely family Eythan is marrying into. They have treated him like a son from the beginning and are an answer to our prayers for Eythan to marry into a family who loves him.

Devyn and Aryanna moved out three months ago and the time has flown by quickly since then. We basically had almost empty-nest almost overnight, since Kyle will be at home. Eythan was the last to move, and Vance and I went into mourning for a week, realizing raising kids was now in our past. It’s the strangest feeling in the world, and it can not be described in words. We shed some tears and felt a bit lost for a few days.  Since then we have recovered, as we started a chapter of enjoying the company of our adult children, which is the beautiful beginning of a new book in our lives.


We are rid of all our mould and are waiting for the results of our retesting to see if we have an all-clear thumbs up since the original report showed two highly toxic moulds in our home. My health has really bolstered, and I have not felt this good in a very long time! I can stay awake till 9:30 or 10 each night instead of 6 pm and was able to plan an event for 230 people in two months. That is a significant improvement from thinking dishes and laundry were a tremendous task. My iron levels amazingly have been able to stay at 160 for eight months instead of starting at 200 after an infusion, dropping to 30 then slowly falling till I am ten again. Regular b-shots have also helped this tremendously! I am saying my prayers that I will be done with yearly iron transfusions at the hospital.

Below are two pictures of me, on the left is when we were in the middle of mould removal, and I was quite sick. The right image is a month later. One day I may do a more extensive blog on the dangers of mould and the havoc it can wreak on your health and life.



My stomach has been incredible, it will have a bit of a bad spell if I eat in restaurants or non-gluten-free environments. So I will continue down the gluten-free path for now and maybe test out gluten in a few months.


Kyle has made a significant turnaround! Right now we are trying a new herb on him called Samento, which is used for people with autoimmune disorders. He has responded in the past to the CD which also helps people with this. So we are going to move forward with different herbs and see where this road leads us and if Kyle can continue to make progress. His natural path has suggested we continue to rotate in various herbs that treat autoimmune diseases since his body outsmarts everything we give it.

Kyle giving out hugs on a good day to Devyn and Charity

We were going to start the CD again and then decided to try the Samento, which other parents with children with autism were trying, and also didn’t have to be given every hour, but only twice a day. The bonus? Kyle started sleeping heavily, so deep I thought he was dead when I went into his room after three days of him taking the herb. Usually, if you even step towards his bedroom door, he yells out startled. I went in noisily and came to a complete halt when I saw Kyle was motionless, not even knowing I was there. I stood there staring..my worst fear..did he died of a seizure in the night? Then I thought I saw the blankets rise slightly. I stood very still, watching to see if he was breathing…yes he was! Hallelujah! Maybe once or twice in his whole life has he slept this soundly.

Kyle’s has made gains in his speech and articulation also. His aide, Heather, has been flabbergasted this week by the quick improvement in his speech and ability to transfer from one environment to another.

Vance was able to get Kyle to cooperatively do everything today, and it was incredible! He was flabbergasted by the change in Kyle in one week. Of course, your thinking what we are thinking; How long will this last? Yep, that’s what we are thinking. So we march forward with Samento as the new temporary fix, which is confusing whatever haunts Kyle’s immune system and molecular structure. He is at six drops each morning right now, and we are going to work our way up to thirty drops twice a day and see what happens. Read here about Samento:

Samento on Amazon.

Aryanna and I enjoying Canada Day fireworks with friends while Vance was at home with Kyle.

Life has been crazy, and we know it will slow down soon, and we will be back to normalcy… Vance laughs when I say this. Normal to us, is not normal to you. But we have learned to appreciate our normal. There are times where I still dream of a life where we can come and go as we please … something we only had for a year and a half when we were first married. Like going camping for a weekend, heading to the boardwalk on a beautiful summer evening for a walk or just saying yes when friends call to invite us somewhere. We are caregivers, which means our lives are planned around Kyle’s life and his needs, but we have it good, and it’s easy to look at the grass on the other side of the fence and think it’s greener. We know being content with whatever we have, be it small or significant, is a blessing most people don’t have, and is something God is working on in our hearts. Keeping our eyes on Christ instead of our wants is a challenge. Someday I hope to say I have conquered thisđź’—

Mark 8:34-36  NIV

Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it. What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their own soul? 

Believing and hoping.

Cindy Seatonđź’—










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