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Book Description:

Cindy lives in a gorgeous home and yet, inside its walls, lies her lingering secret: her marriage is about to reach a breaking point due to caring for her autistic son Kyle. Cindy desires to save her relationship with her husband Vance, her tall, dark and handsome high school sweetheart; she also struggles to enter a mysterious world and reach a son she loves.

In this entertaining novel is the true story of Cindy, a young ‘Tom Sawyer’ girl who seems to get into trouble at every turn. As the world around her wonders, if she’ll ever amount to anything, Cindy determines to shake off their opinions and dreams of one day having a fairy-tale life, even though she lives in a dumpy, run-down apartment with her single mother and siblings.

This candid memoir is a funny and heartfelt story of a young, irresponsible, stubborn and sassy girl, who grew up to learn that love can be tossed to the curb when it gets tough, but sometimes you find the courage to dig deep into your soul and fight for those you love the most.

An intriguing novel that pairs wonderfully with a box of tissue, a hot mug of coffee, and a big comfy chair.

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Cindy Seaton

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Photos by: Gwen Legacy and Marnie Scott