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Book Description:

“The medical community has run out of options for your son.”

Vance and Cindy stared at the doctor in disbelief. Their grown son Kyle who was autistic had been very ill for two years. Cindy had asked the doctor if they could see a specialist, but that door was now slammed shut. Kyle’s parents thought he might die.

They had survived a bizarre life and had almost lost their own marriage. 

Cindy and Vance were between a rock and a hard place. With nowhere to turn and a son they thought was dying, their hope began to fade.

 For twenty-five years Cindy had been praying for answers, and she became bitter when God seemed silent. Then an unlikely door opened renewing their hope in a God, Cindy thought had become deaf. 

A true story about a family who overcame tremendous obstacles to rescue a brother and son they loved. A story filled with laughter, love, and faith. 



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Cindy Seaton

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Photos by: Gwen Legacy and Marnie Scott