Breaking The Silence

I stood by the rail looking out at the ocean

My thoughts were deep and murky

My soul longed for your presence

The sound of your voice to bring me rest

The waves were hitting the side of the ship

I looked across the expanse of the great blue

Lord, if I could enter your courts and walk up to you

I would reach out and touch the hem of your garmet

Your power would follow me back home to my son


When I walk into his room a beautiful quiet and stillness would settle

My son is frozen beneath a lake, I have an axe but cannot break through

I have been chopping through autism for years, never to enter his world

My soul longs to reach his hiding place, to know his every thought and dream

If I could bring your glory even in the smallest form back to him

It would be like a little firefly lighting a whole room, awakening the dead

My son would walk out of the silence into my world and the ice would break

I would reach him, and he would grab my hand and be pulled out of his icy solitude

He would come into my world since I can never quite reach his

I awaken from my daydream and say a prayer

“God help me to reach my child and pull him out of his lonely world.”

Then he whispers to me: he is not alone I am with him every day

The ice cracks a little, I shed a tear

My son is captured in a world where God lives

He is not aloneđź’—

Cindy Seaton

Author: cindyseaton69

I am the author of Beauty From Ashes: A Mother's Journey from Bitterness to Hope.

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